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Thank you for your interest in the Glaucomedics project !


If you are a glaucoma specialist or otherwise professionally working with glaucoma medicine, you can become the translator of the chart for your country.

Please coordinate this with your national glaucoma society.


No payment will be given for your translation, but if the project is widespread you get to have your name acknowledged for your contribution.


Thank you for donating your time and effort in making glaucoma medication a little easier to comprehend.


TEMPLATE FILE in English can be downloaded HERE (Microsoft Powerpoint format   .pptx  )

Fill in the circles with the available drugs in your country. Translate the title, labels and info areas. Keep the layout as close to the original as possible. Add or omit information according to local needs or regulations.

Your name, title, and email address MUST be specified in the lower right corner of the chart, consider creating a new mailbox for this purpose.


Save ONLY page 1 as a PDF file


Filename MUST follow this syntax:



XX          is the 2 letter country code (check reference HERE)
YYYY     is the 4 digits year eg. 2016
MM         is the 2 digits month eg. 06 for June

abc         can be added if needed to specify newer revisions within that month

LAN        is a 3 letter language abbreviation if more than one language is spoken in your country

    CH-Glaucomedics-2016-03-b-DEU.pdf     Chart for Switzerland in German, revision b from March 2016

    CH-Glaucomedics-2016.03-b-FRA.pdf      Chart for Switzerland in French, revision b from March 2016


Upload PDF file by emailing it as an attachment to:       (it may take 15 minutes before the file appears on the site)


No comments allowed as this is an automated process, and any text is discarded.
No editing will be done to the file. Requests to delete older versions can be sent through the 

Users should be able to correspond with you via email about updates, corrections etc.

Please provide 1-2 updates per year


Share your translation on social and other media



Again, thank you for your support, without it, the project cannot exist




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