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All the glaucoma medications be it eye drops, tablets or capsules are represented in a single infographic. 

The chart was developed as a quick reference to print out and hang on the wall where decisions about treatment are made or handled.  Find the chart relevant to you in the DOWNLOAD section. 



 An increasing number of different glaucoma medications are becoming available. However, keeping track of the many brand and generic names, combinations, different formulations, some preserved, some nonpreserved can be confusing for many people.


 In my experience, many patients can't remember their past or even present medication, because often pharmacies are obliged to substitute to the cheapest generic drop when available.


 The chart offers an overview of the available glaucoma medication for a specific country.


 Physicians, nurses, pharmacists, patients, relatives, and other caregivers could all benefit from having an updated and comprehensive list at hand.



The Glaucomedics chart is ONLY a framework to give an overview of the available glaucoma medications in any given country, and the content of each translation SHOULD be performed by a professional glaucoma physician. No corrections of any wrong pieces of information are carried out by the provider of this website.

The drugs are subject to day to day changes in availability, and these changes cannot be incorporated in the charts automatically. Neither the translators nor the website provider can be held liable for any complications attributable to decisions based on information from the charts. Updates can be requested from the translators.


Always read the leaflet provided with the medication.

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