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Files are listed by country code, then year, then month, then revision letter and language

XX          is the 2 letter country code (check reference here)
YYYY      is the 4 digits year eg. 2016
MM        is the 2 digits month eg. 06 for June

abc        is the revision letter within that month

LAN       is the language of the chart if more than one is spoken in your country



DK-Glaucomedics-2021-02-c.pdf              Chart for Denmark, revision c from February 2021

CH-Glaucomedics-2021-03-b-DEU.pdf     Chart for Switzerland in German, revision b from March 2021

CH-Glaucomedics-2021.03-b-FRA.pdf      Chart for Switzerland in French, revision b from March 2021


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If no chart is available for your country, or the file is outdated, please inform the national glaucoma society of your country to encourage someone to translate or update the chart. Already translated charts should have the relevant contact information for the translator. 1-2 updates per year is recommended. 

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